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Can’t tie ‘em? Can’t buy ‘em?

Remember the days when you have been fishing and the fish have been sipping tiny flies from the surface and you have never had anything small enough to match the hatch?

You have tried to tie them – they’ve driven you mad as they are so small.

You have tried to buy them – can’t find ‘em

If you have been able to find them and because they are so tiny, you’ve more than likely found yourself on the riverbank struggling to tie them onto your leader.

IOTBB      F Fly       Griffiths Gnat    Klinkhamers


IOTBB (It ought to be banned) Humpy

In late 2006 I had the pleasure of fishing as a guest of Roger Beck on the river Derwent near Scarborough. There I met David Southall who introduced me to a rather small fly tied on a size 26 hook.

YES! Size 26. One hook, one CDC feather and Spiderweb thread.

As Roger always says, most anglers will fish with flies on hooks two sizes too big - go smaller.

The IOTBB Humpy is a superb fly for those times when the trout or grayling are sipping those unidentifiable minute flies from the surface


A CDC fly so please do not add floatant

IOTBB Humpy (it ought to be banned) size 24


‘F’ Fly

A CDC fly so please do not add floatant


F Fly


Griffiths Gnat

The Griffiths Gnat has been treated with Watershed

Watershed is not a floatant to be added whilst fishing. Instead, you treat your dry flies with this liquid and let them dry for 24 hours to make them permanently waterproof.


Griffiths Gnat









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