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Can’t tie ‘em? Can’t buy ‘em?

Remember the days when you have been fishing and the fish have been sipping tiny flies from the surface and you have never had anything small enough to match the hatch?

You have tried to tie them – they’ve driven you mad as they are so small.

You have tried to buy them – can’t find ‘em

If you have been able to find them and because they are so tiny, you’ve more than likely found yourself on the riverbank struggling to tie them onto your leader.

Fishing with Style can solve these problems by offering a limited range of flies to the discerning fisherman, tied on size 20 – 26 hooks and, if required, the flies will already have a length of leader* attached so all you have to do is attach that to your own leader using a surgeon’s/water knot or better still a seamless 2mm stainless steel ring on the end of your leader.

At present we are offering the following patterns in sizes 28-26-24-22-20:-

IOTBB      F Fly       Griffiths Gnat    Klinkhamers


IOTBB (It ought to be banned) Humpy

In late 2006 I had the pleasure of fishing as a guest of Roger Beck on the river Derwent near Scarborough. There I met David Southall who introduced me to a rather small fly tied on a size 26 hook.

YES! Size 26. One hook, one CDC feather and Spiderweb thread.

As Roger always says, most anglers will fish with flies on hooks two sizes too big - go smaller.

The IOTBB Humpy is a superb fly for those times when the trout or grayling are sipping those unidentifiable minute flies from the surface


A CDC fly so please do not add floatant

IOTBB Humpy (it ought to be banned) size 24


‘F’ Fly

A CDC fly so please do not add floatant


F Fly


Griffiths Gnat

The Griffiths Gnat has been treated with Watershed

Watershed is not a floatant to be added whilst fishing. Instead, you treat your dry flies with this liquid and let them dry for 24 hours to make them permanently waterproof.


Griffiths Gnat


* Approximately one metre of leader material Rio Copolymer Powerflex 7X (2.4lb) on sizes 20/22 and 8X (1.5lb) on sizes 24/26

 It is always advisable to treat your leader with Fuller's Earth click here to see details

 All the above flies are priced at the following for all sizes:

£1.75 without leader,  or   £2.00 with leader + postage and packing




With the launch by Partridge of the new range of Klinkhamer X-treme hooks we are able to tie these down to size 24.

Prices for Klinkhamers - £1.75 per fly - sizes 12/14/16/18/20/22/24

Colour of post, hackle, body to customer's specifications





All our flies are tied personally to order

  We have no payment buttons for ordering flies as, in order to avoid any disappointment or delays for our customers, we prefer you to email or phone with your requirements to enable us to give you a projected date for delivery. 

At busy times of the year you may be required to wait a few weeks for delivery.

 In addition to taking payments by cheque we are also able to send you a payment invoice which will enable you to pay by Paypal, credit card or debit card.

We can also accept bank transfers - please ask if you prefer this method.


For details and more prices please contact us.


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