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Fly fishing Instructors             Fly fishing & Fly Tying instruction in Yorkshire              Fly Fishing Courses

            A History of Fly Fishing              The English North Country Spider School

Yorkshire Post Fly Fishing Articles           Fly Fishing Holidays          Fly Fishing in Yorkshire 

Bolton Abbey - Fly Fishing          Malham Tarn - Fly Fishing - Yorkshire Dales        Malham Tarn - The Caddis Survey

Game Angling Contact Sites           Helwith Bridge Fly Fishery      Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers' Club      

Fullers Earth Powder       Recommended rod Building & Repairs     Tom Wilson - author

Aquatic Insect Pictures                 Ladies Fly Fishing Tuition South of England

Carcraig Framed Salmon Flies             Lightning Map - is it safe to fish?          7 day Weather Forecast

Recommended holiday cottages in the Yorkshire Dales

Marsdens Country Clothing

West and North Yorkshire - Fly Casting Instruction

Stephen Cheetham, ADB - Fly Fishing Instruction and Fly Dressing instruction available at 

Tel: 01132 507 244

Click here for further details of instruction available

Fly Fishing Instructors

Philip Sheridan offers instruction, guiding and presentations on modern, progressive river fly fishing in around Yorkshire

Visit Phil's web site

Jeff Metcalfe for Fly Fishing Instruction in North Yorkshire

Visit Jeff's web site

Olly Shepherd for Fly Fishing Instruction in North Yorkshire and County Durham

Visit Olly's web site

The Yorkshire Dales

Stuart Minnikin for Fly Fishing Guiding and Instruction

Visit Stuart's web site


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Links to other sites of interest to anglers 

Kilnsey Park

A good place to learn and practise the art of casting a fly - a superb place for beginners to obtain fly fishing instruction in Yorkshire

Salmon and Trout Association

The Salmon & Trout Association is "The Single Voice for Game Angling".  Visit their site to learn more about what they do, not only for the angling community, but to help maintain our environment.  Stephen Cheetham is an active member and the on going "Junior Days" dedicated to the introduction of interested youngsters to the art of fly fishing prove to be a great success. 

Game Anglers Instructors Association

This organisation provides details of where to find fly casting instruction in your area - take a look!

Wharfedale Angling Classics

Mail Order Suppliers of Quality Game Angling Equipment and Specialists in Fly Tying Materials and Tools

Linsley Brothers of Harrogate

Fly Fishing and Shooting specialists - Harrogate

The Fly Dresser's Guild

The Fly Dresser's Guild is of special interest to the avid fly tyer and can provide useful contacts all over the world.

Rod Building and repairs

You've broken your favourite rod?  Everyone says it's beyond help?  This may not be the case - contact John Gilpin by clicking on the link above or just give him a ring on 07941635639 for advice.  All may not be lost - personal experience bears this out. 

Also custom built rods on Harrison Blanks from 6` brook rods to 16` salmon rods, all built to the customers specification.

Helwith Bridge Fly Fishery

Helwith Bridge Fly Fishery, Fly Fishing in North Yorkshire Dales near Ingleton and Settle

Welcome to the Helwith Bridge Fly Fishing site. Helwith Bridge Fly Fishery is located in the Yorkshire Dales close to the villages of Ingleton and Settle, just off the A65.

Helwith Bridge Fly Fishery

Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers' Club

Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers’ Club is the custodian of eleven miles of premium river flyfishing on the Derbyshire Wye, situated in the heart of the Peak District National Park.  Extending from Blackwell, just below Buxton, to Ashford in the Water, the river is a haven for wild brown and rainbow trout and its lower beats have a thriving population of grayling. 


Ladies Fly Fishing Tuition Scotland

Fly Fishing Tuition with Sue Macniven

Framed Salmon Flies

Carcraig Framed Salmon Flies     Framed flies from trout dry flies to classic salmon flies

Carcraig Classics - framed flies of distinction. Carcraig specialise in producing flies in frames from a range of standard frames; customized frames to order; momento frames to record that special catch (with a photo of the catch and a replica of the fly); mounting and framing antique flies for preservation and display. Repairing or rebuilding of damaged antique flies; design and framing of Classic style salmon flies in Corporate Colours for promotion and presentation (or family colours or tartans); and of course flies for fishing!

Carcraig have an extremely comprehensive library on classic salmon flies with a database of over 3,000 patterns gleaned from the pages of these books. If you want information on a particular pattern or to find out if there is one with your family name, just
get in touch.

Tom Wilson - author

Castaway Flyfisher
Ranger of the riffle, proponent of the pool, rascal on the run and raconteur of rivers.



Recommended Holiday cottages in the Yorkshire Dales

Over 25 years experience of making people happy

At Dales Holiday Cottages we have gathered together an exceptional collection of over 650 cottages located in the historic market towns and picture postcard villages of Northern England and Scotland.

We specialize in the Yorkshire Dales, the North York Moors, the Yorkshire Heritage Coast, the Lake District, Derbyshire Dales, Northumberland and The Borders and the Highlands of Scotland.

Cotterdale Cottage Holidays

Set in a superb tranquil location amidst stunning scenery, a haven for wildlife including red squirrels and many species of birds. An ideal location for Fly fishing, Bird watching and it is a walker’s paradise with walks from the doorstep, 2 pets welcomed.

Norwood Angling Centre

Fly and Coarse Fishing Tackle.  Norwood Angling Centre is a Fishing Tackle shop in South East London with over 40 years experience. All tackle can be purchased from their extensive online shop.

Bolton Abbey - Fly Fishing    Bolton Abbey Prices        Bolton Abbey Fly Guide      Accommodation  

Up the River Wharfe towards the Abbey

Bolton Abbey offers the game angler one of the finest stretches on the River Wharfe , some 5 miles of prime fishing on both banks. All the beats will suite the dry, nymph and spider fisherman who wants the opportunity to fish for wild and stocked Brown Trout and Grayling.

Day and season tickets are available from the Estate Office

All anglers must hold an Environmental Agency rod licence and the appropriate Estate licence. Tickets must be obtained before fishing. For tickets or further information contact The Estate Office. Day tickets can be purchased in the rear reception of the Estate Office each morning between 9.00 and 10.30 am.

Fishing Ticket Prices

Day Ticket        £30.00

Day Ticket Junior Accompanied        £10.00

Weekly Ticket        £90.00

Grayling Ticket (1st October to 31st December        £15.00

Season Ticket        £300.00

Season Ticket Junior        £50.00

Juniors are persons are aged 16 and under.




Bolton Abbey Recommended Flies to use:

Click here to see our North Country Spider page

These fly patterns are only a guide






March Brown
Winter Brown
Waterhen Bloa
Snipe & Purple


Cree Duster
Grey Duster
Double Badger
Para Duster


Waterhen Bloa
Snipe & Purple
Dark Watchet
Partridge & Orange
Partridge & Yellow


Cree Duster
Grey Duster
Flying Fox
Black Gnat


Partridge & Orange
Partridge & Yellow
Dark Watchet
Iron Blue
Treacle Parkin


Cree Duster
Grey Duster
Sturdy's Fancy


Partridge & Orange
Partridge & Yellow
Iron Blue
Treacle Parkin


Cree Duster
Grey Duster
Sturdy's Fancy


Partridge & Orange
Partridge & Yellow
Fog Black
Treacle Parkin


Cree Duster
Grey Duster
Pheasant Tail
Flying Fox
Sturdy's Fancy


Partridge & Orange
Partridge & Yellow
Waterhen Bloa


Cree Duster
Grey Duster
Blue Winged Olive

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************* Over 3710 Aquatic Insect Pictures for Trout Fly Fishing Fanatics:

See over 3710 close-up photos of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies and other trout stream invertebrates. There are also movies, underwater photos of nymphs and larvae in their natural habitat, stream scenery, and desktop wallpapers. Learn how to identify insects and how to match their hatches!



Malham Tarn - Fly Fishing

Malham Tarn

High up in the Yorkshire Dales lies a tarn that is described by many anglers as “the forgotten tarn”.  In fact, where many commercial fisheries attract 100 anglers in a month or less, Malham Tarn sometimes doesn’t make that figure in a year.

Why? Because not many people know it is there.  This is a pity, because it is an extremely beautiful and unique spot.

Malham Tarn is one of only two upland “natural” lakes in the Yorkshire Dales, and is one of the eight upland alkaline lakes in Europe. It was brought to the surface by the North Craven Fault. The tarn lies on a floor of 400 million years old impervious silurian slate covered with thick glacial drift and marl deposits. It has a surface area of around 150 acres with an average depth of only 2.4 metres and the maximum depth is around 4.4 metres.

The banks are part of a nature reserve; therefore the lake can only be fished from boats and there are only four of these available. The setting of this lake is nothing short of spectacular and if you are looking for a peaceful day with amazing scenery then this is hard to beat. The only drawback is that the lake is high up at 398 metres and very exposed so if you do decide to fish there take extra clothing just in case!

Malham Tarn Fly fishing is boat only - no bank fishing. Electric motors are allowed but not petrol driven.

Contact: Malham Tarn Field Studies Centre, Malham, Nr Settle, BD24 9PU

Tel. 01729 830331

email –

Boat fishing only  - it is advisable to make a booking before going.

Weekday –                                          permit £10.00, Boat £10.00

Weekend and Bank Holidays -              permit £12.00, Boat £16.00

Concessions (65+)                               permit – half price, boat £10.00

Click here for pictures of Malham Tarn


The Sedge (Caddis) Survey of Malham TarnA Cased Caddis

The Caddis flies are the great feature of Malham Tarn and the lakeside stones abound with the larvae. 71 species of the 190 species found in Britain have been recorded in the tarn area, the Great Red Sedge (Phryganeida) and the Cinnamon Sedge (Limnephilidae) being most numerous.

In 1950, Agrypnetes crassicornis of the Great Red Sedge family, was found and determined by a Mr D E Kimmins as a species new to Britain and it is still known in this country to be only from Malham Tarn, elsewhere it is recorded from Finland, Caucasus and North West Mongolia. The larvae found in the Chara beds of the tarn, make their cases from pieces of leaf or chara. The adults, fairly numerous in some years, skate on the surface of the water at night in late June or July and appear to be incapable of flight

Selection of common caddis/sedge from Malham Tarn

Group Family Name Common Name Hatch Months Time
Campodeiform Hydropsychidae Hydropsche instabilis The Grey Flag April to October Day
(No Lava Case) Polycentropidae Cuyprus trimaculatus The Yellow Spotted Sedge June to August Day/Eve
Psychomyidae Timodes waeneri The Small Red Sedge May to October Evening
  Psychomia pusilla The Small Yellow Sedge April to October Evening
Philopotamidae Philopotamus montanus The Dark Spotted Sedge April to August Day
Rhyacophilidae Rhyacophila dorsalis Ronald's Sand Fly, Sand Fly April to October Day
  Agapetus fuscipes The Micro Sedge, Tiny Grey May to October Evening
Hydroptilidae Oxyethira costalis Micro Sedge May to October Evening
Eruciform Phryganeidae Phryganea striata Great Red Sedge or Murragh May to July Evening
(Case Forming)   Phryganea obsoleta The Peter or Dark Peter July to October Evening
  Agrypnetes crassicornis Unknown - Great Red Family June to July Evening
Limnephilidae Linnephilus rhombicus The Large Cinnamon Sedge June to September Dusk
  Linnephilus politus The Cinnamon Sedge May to October Day/Eve
  Linnephilus lunatus The Cinnamon Sedge May to October Day/Eve
  Halesus radiatus The Caperer August to October Dusk
Sercostomatidae Sericostoma personatum The Welshman's Button June to August Day/Eve
  Lepidostoma hirtum The Small Silver Sedge April to September Evening
Beraeidae Beraea pullata Lane's Little Black May to October Day/Eve
Odontoceridae Odontocerum albicorne The Silver or Grey Sedge June to October Day/Eve
Leptoceridae Athripsodes nigronervosus The Black or Silverhorn Sedge May to September Dusk
  Athripsodes cinereus The Brown Silverhorn May to August Evening
  Mystacides nigra The Black Silverhorn May to September Dusk
  Mystacides azurea The Black Silverhorn May to September Dusk
  Mystacides longicornis The Grouse Wing May to September Day/Eve

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Marsdens Country Clothing


Links to other sites of interest

The conservation of wildlife

The Eilean Bàn Trust
& Bright Water Visitor Centre


International Otter Survival Fund

As Area Co-ordinators for the International Otter Survival Fund we can keep you informed, through these pages, of the on-going work which is being done to conserve these beautiful creatures and, as a consequence, to clean up our rivers.  Recently the re-introduction of otters to our inland rivers has caused some controversy in the fly fishing world as they do feed on what we are trying to catch!  We feel that our native otters, which were hunted almost to extinction years ago, are more than entitled to feed and live as they did before and take delight in seeing their reappearance.  We have only seen them on the West Coast of Scotland or in sanctuaries - it is our dream to see a wild otter in its natural environment once more.

Otters are making a comeback on our rivers

The Eilean Bàn Trust & Bright Water Visitor Centre

Bright Water Centre

Situated between Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye and Kyle of Lochalsh on mainland Scotland, Eilean Bàn ('White Island') is a six-acre nature haven nestling below the Skye road bridge that spans the island. Originally home just to the lighthouse keepers and their families, it later became the residence of the author and naturalist, Gavin Maxwell.

Although internationally known for its association with Maxwell and with otters, Eilean Bàn supports a wealth of wildlife and natural heritage of both local and national importance. Nature trails (suitable for wheelchair users) wind around the island leading to different points of interest, including the award winning wildlife hide, a viewing platform and a sensory garden.

Guided visits to the island, including the Maxwell museum (a reconstruction of his 40ft living room with original artifacts, recreated by Virginia McKenna) and Teko the otter's memorial stone, are booked through the Bright Water Visitor Centre in Kyleakin.

To savour the unique experience of staying on the island, exclusive self-catering accommodation is also available. Alternatively, if you cannot visit, why not take a look at the 360° images.

Contact us at

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We are one of the leading suppliers of Fuller's Earth powder to the Fly Fishing fraternity. Fuller's Earth is also one of natures all round products that has many uses in the cosmetic industry, transport, a degreasing agent and is used in the theatrical industry.

Fuller's Earth

  Fullers Earth, Fuller's Earth 100g     Back of Fullers Earth bottle with mixing instructions

We are one of the leading suppliers of traditional North Country Spiders. These North Country Spider patterns have been used for many centuries in the North of England by many folk who have fished and had the pleasure to write about them.

North Country Spiders

     Waterhen Bloa    Smoke Fly Walbran 1885     August Brown Walbran 1885   Williams Favourite


Fly Fishing Instruction

Stephen is a fly fishing instructor and also teaches fly dressing at Otley Prince Henry's School. He is a member of the Salmon & Trout Association and the Game Anglers Instructors Association and gives fly fishing instruction at many venues in Yorkshire

Stephen Cheetham, Fly Fishing Instruction, Fly Casting Instruction

Contact us at

Go to our Products Page

Details of Fuller's Earth


Other links

Outdoors resources - directory of Outdoors related websites.

Fly Fishing - Shopping - Flies
The Fly Fishing Network provides information, links and web resources to serve the avid angler.  - Fishing directory for game, sea and coarse angling in the UK and worldwide - News, reviews, advice and tackle deals. Everything you ever need for Fly Fishing

Alaska LodgeRiversong Lodge is a world class fishing lodge located at Lake Creek, Alaska. Guests enjoy salmon fishing, relaxing in the Alaska fishing lodge, reading on the deck and touring our expansive gardens. Come experience the best salmon fishing in the world at our Alaska lodge



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