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 Fly Fishing Instruction in the Yorkshire Dales

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Fly Fishing at Bolton Abbey

Brown Trout from Malham Tarn

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Fly fishing in Yorkshire


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Stephen Cheetham - Introduction

Stephen Cheetham is a qualified instructor and one of the first game instructors in Yorkshire to gain a Level 2 certificate in Coaching Angling awarded by Sport England through the Angling Development Board and a member of the following bodies:

Salmon & Trout Association (Chairman of the West Yorkshire Branch)

Fly Dressers Guild (Fly Tying Instructor at Otley Prince Henrys)

Personal Tuition Fees click here

An Angling Trust  coach has a coaching qualification approved by the Angling Governing Bodies.

An AT Licensed Coach will also:

  • have completed the 'Good Practice in Child Protection Awareness' training programme;

  • have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau;

  • hold a valid  first aid certificate;

  • have adequate third party insurance;

  • have provided evidence of professional development;

  • have provided evidence of coaching activities.

Licensed coaches have demonstrated both their practical skills and their teaching abilities to the highest level required to achieve their qualification. In addition they have received professional development which has enhanced their abilities to work with children, to assess risks and to deal with safety issues. They also hold appropriate insurance cover.

Individual fly fishing instruction courses are for a minimum of 2 hours up to full day on stillwater or river all over West & North Yorkshire.

Stephen's fly casting lessons consist of:

The Overhead cast,

The Roll cast
The Single and Double Haul cast.

The mechanics of each cast, safety procedures, grip and stance, wrist, arm and body movements, rod arc and power application will be explained to the student. When the basic casting methods have been mastered, the line retrieve, flies and other tactics to enable the student to catch his or her first trout will be explained in easy to understand terms.

Most students in the fine art of fly fishing can be categorised into three main groups, novices who have never fly fished at all before, improvers are those who wish enhance their capabilities and the final category are those who are quite proficient but need to advance to specific casting techniques. 

Novice: This first level of fly fishing instruction covers safety, tackle and lines etc. the basic overhead cast, the roll cast, playing and landing the fish.

Improver: After the novice level, instruction is given in making allowances for weather conditions, increasing casting distance using false casting, the single haul technique, and  wading practises.

Proficient: This level of fly fishing instruction covers the double haul for long distance casting, changing casting direction, side casting and accuracy techniques.

Fly fishing lessons can be arranged by the hour (minimum 2 hours) or by the day at a suitable fishery local to the pupil. In partnership with the Salmon & Trout Association Stephen also organises group coaching for children, ladies, gentlemen and beginners or improvers of all ages.

Stillwater and River Tuition Fees

Including all tackle, rods, lines, flies etc. EXCLUDING day tickets for the relevant water

One Day (Approx 8 hours) £185.00 – additional students £35.00 each

Half Day (Approx 4 hours) £95.00 – additional students £25.00 each

Please contact Stephen for further details.

Click here to see testimonials from people who have had instruction with Stephen


Go Fly Fishing in the Yorkshire Dales - Fly Casting Instruction

Stephen Cheetham

Fly Fishing Instruction in Yorkshire and Fly Dressing instruction available at 

Tel: 01132 507 244

Junior Day at Swinsty Fly Fishing and fly casting Instruction

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Private Fly Fishing Tuition

Private fly fishing instruction and tuition on a one to one basis can be arranged at various venues throughout Yorkshire.

We can also arrange for corporate days or for groups of up to 5 or 6.

Click here for details

Residential Fly Fishing Courses

Fishing with Style were involved with the Malham Tarn residential fly fishing course organised by the Field Studies Council

This course is now run by Peter Scholes.

Peter Scholes– 0750 6215120 or 01200 446410


Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2005 Course

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2006 Courses

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2007 Course

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2008 Courses

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2009 Courses

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2010 Courses

Group Fly Fishing Courses

A series of one day fly fishing courses sponsored by the Salmon and Trout Conservation UK are held annually at various venues throughout West and North Yorkshire. These courses are primarily for beginners and improvers and cover river and still water fishing.

Click here to see a list of the STA 2016 Full Day Courses

Fly Tying Courses

A twenty week course is being held at Prince Henry's Grammar school in Otley on a Wednesday evening 7pm till 9pm.

Click here to see a list of the Fly Tying Courses

Dry Fly Fishing at Bolton Abbey

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The Salmon and Trout Conservation Uk

 2017 Fly Fishing Instruction Courses in Yorkshire

To be announced


All prices include day tickets AND rod licences for the day.

In the event of a course being postponed an alternative date will be offered or if cancelled a full refund will be issued.

Phil will be in touch nearer the time to confirm the meeting places, times and any other information you will need.


 If necessary all tackle and flies etc. (apart from sunglasses, which you will need) will be supplied.


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Contact Peter Scholes

0750 6215120 or 01200 446410


Malham Tarn Residential Fly Fishing Instruction - Yorkshire

 East boat house at Malham Tarn        The Centre at Malham Tarn     The West Boat house at Malham Tarn

Malham Tarn holds a stock of genuinely wild brown trout, and this course gives you the opportunity to enjoy the experience of fly fishing for them and at the same time learn some of the techniques involved and something of the life of the trout in the Tarn and in the surrounding waters. In general terms, the course is aimed at newcomers to fly fishing who wish to try the sport and other anglers who wish to extend their skills and knowledge. It will give you a broad view of the whole fishing scene so that you may pursue any facet later - however, there is no guarantee that you will catch any trout. It is hoped that the course will enable you to fish more successfully, but above all to offer you the chance to pursue a satisfying sport amidst a unique environment and provide you with an enjoyable relaxing yet instructive holiday. The days will largely be spent fishing with a high degree of individual instruction and help for those new to fly fishing who need to acquire the basic skill and techniques.

Visitors to the Malham Tarn Centre can expect to find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and although not luxurious, the accommodation is warm and comfortable, situated in Tarn House itself and the converted stable blocks. There are four well equipped study rooms, drying rooms, libraries, a bar, TV lounge and facilities for making drinks at all times. In addition to a cooked breakfast and wholesome evening meal, fillings are provided for you to make a picnic lunch to enjoy wherever your course may take you.

Couples are most welcome, even if only one is on the course, for your partner there are some superb country walks in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales or perhaps the other partner may wish to join one of the other courses being run at the same time as the fly fishing course. Contact Sophie on 01729 830331 for details of all courses.

Malham Tarn Field Centre
North Yorkshire
BD24 9PU
Tel:  01729 830331
Fax:  01729 830658

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Previous Years

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2005 Course

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2006 Courses

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2007 Course

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2008 Courses

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2009 Courses

Click here to see pictures of the Malham 2010 Courses

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Fly Tying Courses 2018/19

Fly Dressers Guild                                        Prince Henry’s Grammar School

                                            Specialist Language College

                                           Farnley Lane, Otley, LS21 2BB


To register for the courses please contact : Pippa McPherson Community Education 01943 463524 ext 201

Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Courses 2018/19

The new season of fly tying classes begins on the 19th September for 10 weeks. 

All tiers are welcome on the courses from beginners through to improvers. Each year we aim to offer new flies, tying techniques and lots of fun on those cold winter evenings.

Course details, application forms and details of fees available here:- Prince Henry's website

Registration for classes: Evening Thursday 6th 2018 at Prince Henry's School - 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm

If we know you are coming registration can be done on the first night - 19th September 2018

Fly Tying Courses

Beginners and Improvers - Autumn Term: Commences Wednesday 19th September 2018 for just 10 weeks every Wednesday evening 7pm until 9pm

Improvers and Advanced - Spring Term: Commences Wednesday 9th January 2019 for 10 weeks every Wednesday 7pm until 9pm

Cost:  approx. £59.00 per 10 week course. Allowances are available for Senior Citizens etc.

Contacts :         Pippa McPherson 01943 463524 ext 201

Pippa McPherson.  Admin Manager: Community Engagement

Prince Henry's Grammar School

Farnley Lane


LS21 2BB

01943 463524 ext 201


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Kilnsey Park Fishery Fly Fishing Courses

Kilnsey Park Fishery Fly Fishing Courses

Kilnsey Park Fishery is running a series of fly fishing courses during 2014 aimed at not only beginners and improvers.

Please see the Kilnsey Park web site here   Kilnsey Park Fishing


TO BOOK please email Stuart at with your request, or ring him on 077656 88780

Further information on the courses can be obtained by emailing




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