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Hello Stephen, I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your expert guidance and patience during our session at Kilnsey Park. I feel I learnt a massive amount in a short time and while by no means being 'fully fluent' by the end it certainly gave me the appetite and the confidence to pursue the sport further - I hope that will include a river session with you in the New Year  but first it's important for me to consolidate the basics on still water.

Anyway we ate the first of the two rainbows last night roasted whole and it tasted wonderful with a few of my home grown potatoes (feeling every inch the proud hunter-gatherer). I dare say my Xmas gift list will take care of itself this year with the mind-boggling list of tackle and accessories, but as I say I will try to drop the hint about getting out for a day by the river and hope to see you in the New Year if I don't bump into you up at Kilnsey Park before. If you should ever need a testimonial for the web-site or require endorsement in some other way do not hesitate to contact me.


Hi Stephen,

Just a quick note to say thanks for a most enjoyable evenings fishing.

I only hope I can remember half of what I learned,

All the best


Stephen, Thank you once again for the lesson on Saturday and your instruction and advice. It was great to catch my first fish and it tasted lovely. It appears I wasn't expected to bring anything home so it was a surprise all round.


Hi Stephen, Just a quick note to thank you for the instruction at the river yesterday afternoon. Had a great time and appreciate the expert advice and guidance. I'm really looking forward to exploring the other areas of the river Nidd this season and putting into practice the techniques you passed on. Can I ask if it would be possible to join you another time later in the year. If you have another half day course on another piece of water with a group I'd love to join you. You know what level would suit. Thanks once again.


Hello Stephen, I thoroughly enjoyed the week, it really did me good as my best friend has quite advanced cancer and my daughter-in-law found she had some early cancer cells a month ago. She has been in today for a small operation and we are sure everything is alright. So the week was a real break from everything and so nice to just fish! I am also hooked on river fishing and hope to do some more, my son and daughter-in-law stayed at a hotel in Hampshire and there was river fishing by it so they have said they will take me there. Thankyou once again for a fantastic week


Dear Stephen,

Just a line to thank you for the wonderful morning Andrew and myself enjoyed with you. Your tuition was excellent and your friendly way was great.

We are both looking forward to another lesson in the near future. River fishing being our aim.

Hoping Andy manages to improve his technique, and is able to land a trout to compare with the whopper that I landed!!!

Many thanks again, 


Malham Tarn Courses

Comments received about the tuition from the participants between 2005 and 2009

Fantastic. I have learnt more on the course, than I have in the18 months since I started.  Lots of new topics covered, and with more depth than I thought could be achieved.

Quality of tuition excellent with plenty of sound advice. An extra day on river craft would be good.

Enjoyable and well run course, highly recommended.

Well run and flexible changes were easily made due to adverse weather conditions. Consider making some simple equipment available for sale e.g leaders & tippet materials.

Stephen Cheetham was an excellent instructor, informative helpful and kind.

Excellent, many thanks Stephen.

A very enjoyable course.

Steve was an excellent tutor, giving direction when needed, but leaving you to get on with it when necessary. FSC facilities were good, we had all we needed for the course (how about a fish tank with a few trout in!)

Excellent instructor who delivered the subject in an informative, relaxed professional manner.

Excellent outdoor tuition and very good on safety. Most classroom sessions good, where there was a practical activity - knots & flies. Needs an activity for insects.

The tutor was great for the task, showed extreme patience.

The course met up with my expectations and the quality of instruction was excellent.  I leave feeling confident that I will be able to go out and go fly fishing on my own.

I had high hopes for the course, and these were exceeded.  Stephen is very knowledgeable but very approachable and helpful.












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We are one of the leading suppliers of Fuller's Earth powder to the Fly Fishing fraternity and to non-fly fishing users.. Fuller's Earth is also one of natures all round products that has many uses in the cosmetic industry, transport, a degreasing agent and is used in the theatrical industry.  Please follow the link above to buy online.

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We are one of the leading suppliers of traditional North Country Spiders. These North Country Spider patterns have been used for many centuries in the North of England by many folk who have fished and had the pleasure to write about them.  Stephen has had various items published in leading fly fishing magazines and also contributes to a monthly column in the Yorkshire Post newspaper's Country Week section - see our LINKS page for details including current and archived articles.

     Black Spider Stewart 1857    Dun Spider Stewart 1857     March Brown winged 1933    Snipe and Purple


Fly Fishing Instruction

Stephen is a GAIC fly fishing instructor and also teaches fly dressing at Otley Prince Henry's School. He is currently Chairman of the West Yorkshire Branch of the Salmon & Trout Association and is a member of the Game Anglers Instructors Association and Angling Development Board.  Stephen gives fly fishing instruction at many venues in Yorkshire including residential courses at Malham Tarn Field Studies Centre.

We supply gift vouchers  for pre-paid fly fishing lessons - please contact us if you wish to pre-book for a birthday, retirement, Father's Day or "just for the sake of it" gift.

"Fishing with Style".

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Fishing with Style, 40 Aire Grove, Yeadon, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS19 7TY

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