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Stillwater Fisherman's gift set

Gift set for Stillwater fishermen an ideal anniversary present

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Some fly fishermen prefer to fish on lakes, lochs, stillwater fisheries etc.  Although these waters can sometimes be daunting to fishermen who are new to the art they have their own fascination and present a different challenge.  Safety is paramount when fishing on large reservoirs.  Therefore this kit, as the others listed, incorporates essential polarized glasses, designed not only for safety reasons, but also to enable fisherman to see their quarry more clearly against the glare from the water.

Appropriate flies are incorporated within the gift set and again these can be purchased separately with the accompanying fly box.  Is there a milestone Anniversary approaching? What better way of  marking a special day, such as a wedding anniversary, Christmas, birthday or retirement, than with one of these specially prepared gift sets?  The creel can be purchased as an alternative to the reel and gear bag if preferred. 

We also stock other accessories for fly fishermen at differing prices.  Please contact us for details at:


PRICE £325.00


Contents of the Stillwater Fly Fisherman’s Gift Set


Reel and gear bag

Reel & Gear bag – best selling tackle bag protects valuable reels and tackle.  Padded, adjustable compartments for up to 10 reels.  Flexible Velcro® compartments can be re-arranged for fly boxes/tools.  Forest green Cordura with foam padding.  Detachable shoulder strap and  Neoprene carrying handle.



Zinger. Steel retractor with red enameled case. Safety locking pin. Nylon coated stainless steel wire with 15” reach. Safety locking tool clip.


Locking forceps

Locking Forceps. High quality German steel. Red urethane coated handles easy to use, even when wearing gloves. Spring loaded, with locking mechanism.


Stainless steel combo nipper

Four tools in one stainless steel combo nipper. Includes tippet cutter, nail knot tier, hook sharpener and hook eye cleaner. No glare grey finish.


Aquel floatant


Aquel Floatant.  Your fly will float dry and long, with little or no slick on calm water.  Odour masking pheromones hide human scent.  Loon’s best selling product.


Top Ride floatant

Top Ride floatant.  Dries out saturated flies AND coats them with a floatant.  Place fly and leader tip into the container and shake.  Excels with large flies and leaves no slick on the water.


Strike Out strike indicator

Yarn gripper sleeve strike indicator and Strike Out.  Synthetic yarn strike indicator will float forever.  30cm length in plastic tube dispenser.  Colour = orange.


Deep soft weight sinkant

Deep Soft Weight sinkant.  Non-toxic tungsten putty sinks your leader fast.  Can be rolled into shape and applied to your leader when warm.  Hardens in cold water.


Line up kit

Line-Up Kit.  Line Speed and handy Line Speed applicator with sheepskin lined cleaner in hinged wooden holder.  Line Speed cleans and protects the coating of fly lines.

Leader knot strengthener


Leader knot strengthener.  Knot Sense for waterside use, cures in seconds when exposed to direct sun light.  Strengthens and smooths knots.


Sun Set Wader Patch

Sun Set Wader Patch.  Waterside repair formula cures in seconds to keep you fishing. A wader repair formula which dries in the sun.  Apply a thin film in and around the tear or puncture whilst in the shade, then expose to direct sunlight.


12ft leaders

6 x Knotless Powerflex copolymer tapered 12 ft leaders of various strengths.  Long butt tapers for smooth turnover, subtle tippets for lifelike presentation, high knot and tensile strength, natural colour for camouflage.


Braided connector loops


Braided connector loops for connecting line to leader.

Powerflex tippet material

3 spools - Powerflex tippet material.  Copolymer “double strength” tippet material on tippet master spools.  Used by some of the world’s best fly fishermen.


Medium caddy


Loon outdoor medium caddy.  Holds one standard Loon container (Top Ride type), nylon webbing with elastic retainer strap.  Clips to D ring .


Floatant holder

Giorgio Benecchi’s Italian leather floatant holder.  Sauvage leather with brass clip for vest or shirt.  Holds bottle upside down. 


Single fly patch

Giorgio Benecchi’s Italian leather single fly patch.  High quality hide fly patch with sheepskin lining.  Brass clip attaches to vest or shirt.


Fly drier

Giorgio Benecchi’s Italian leather fly drier.  Superior quality sauvage leather folder with a ring to attach to a zinger clip.  Chamois leather-type liners which are more efficient than Amadou.

C&F design fly case


C&F design fly case.  8 pocket slitted foam in lid for wet flies and 12 compartments for dry flies.  From a range of beautifully designed fly cases with curved edges and recessed catches.

Polarized safety glasses

Vision polarized safety glasses – a must for all fishermen.  Wrap-around design with soft arms for snug fit.  Contemporary styling in tan with draw-string case.



Classic stillwater fly



A selection of 12 classic stillwater flies personally tied by “Fishing with Style” to suit most stillwater fishermen.

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