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 monoMASTER  (Waste line holder & storage unit)


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     The monoMASTER is an innovative new fishing tool that is a MUST HAVE for every angler. This handy tool is small and lightweight and collects all the waste fishing line that you generate when changing flies or leaders. Hang from a fishing vest, keep it in your pocket, or creel/tackle bag.  Whether you generate an inch or a few yards of waste, this tool provides an easy and environmentally sound solution. No more tangles in your waders, pockets, or tackle box and no waste fishing line on the riverbank. The monoMASTER acts as a holder or storage unit until the waste can be disposed of.

Simple to use - offer the waste fishing line to the monoMASTER, turn the handle and the line will disappear into the unit. To empty the monoMASTER simply remove the cap, withdraw the centre, cut the waste fishing line, dispose of it carefully then re-assemble the monoMASTER ready for your next outing.

Click here to see a short video of how it works.

monoMASTER waste  line holder and storage disposal

monoMASTER is intended to help solve the problem of  waste or discarded fishing line, known industrially as monofilament line. Carelessly discarded or abandoned fishing line accounts for many injuries and deaths of creatures because it is virtually invisible in water, has great tensile strength and is indestructible. Such characteristics, although favoured during fishing, mean that line not used for fishing may entrap, snare, tangle and consequently injures starve or drown many creatures such as birds and small mammals. Discarded line can also be a risk to humans, entangling swimmers and boat motors.

Waste fly line storage, holder and disposal

Improperly discarded fishing line accounts for many tragic wildlife deaths due to entanglement. Birds face prolonged death from starvation by having the line wrapped around their beaks or necks. When their wings or legs become tangled, it hinders or removes their ability to fly, search for food, and avoid predators. Wildlife suffers from loss of limbs from line entanglement and even death from gangrenous infection, or ingestion of the line. Fishing line discarded in our waterways also fouls boat propellers and is a serious litter problem, especially around boat ramps and fishing areas. Even when the waste fishing line is disposed of in rubbish bins it still goes to the landfill which creates the same hazards for wildlife, unless it is cut into very, very small pieces.

Pocket sized waste line holder for storage and disposal

Disposal of unwanted fishing line is always a problem for the angler if he is a coarse, sea or game fisherman. Many times an angler will wind the waste line round his hand, tie it in a knot and put it in his pocket, thereafter it can easily be lost. Waste fishing line may also be cut into small pieces and left in the environment or worst of all left on the riverbank because the angler cannot be bothered.

monoMASTER fishing line holder, storage

The monoMASTER  ™ waste fishing line holder goes a long way to solving the above problems of waste fishing line storage (and ultimate disposal) making fishing safer for the environment, as well as helping the angler. 

Help to protect the environment

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The environment is important to all of us.


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